About Alan


An award-winning investigative journalist who uncovered corruption and held the rich and powerful accountable. Alan will go after any and all government corruption, even if it means investigating the President of the United States, be it a Democrat or Republican. Alan Cohn is running for Congress to make our government deliver for Floridians.

Alan Cohn is running for Congress in the newly redistricted 15th District of Florida, where Alan raised his family and called home for 12 years.


Alan is a Peabody award-winning investigative journalist, one of journalism's highest honors, for uncovering that defective parts were being installed on Black Hawk helicopters,​ who has spent his career holding the powerful accountable and getting results, whether it’s taking on defense contractors who were making defective equipment for our troops, ​standing up for our veterans​, or​ ​exposing corrupt politicians​- Democrats and Republicans – who were abusing taxpayer trust.


While working in investigative journalism, Alan has been a life-long Union Member with the CWA, SAG-AFTRA, and NABET-CWA.


Alan is running for Congress to lower taxes, to tackle the cost of prescription drugs, to make critical investments in our infrastructure that will make Florida a hub for 21st century jobs, and to work with members of both parties to deliver for his constituents.


Alan has two children with his wife, Patricia, Ann and Aaron who is a pitcher in the Oakland A's organization and a dog named J.J.