Alan Cohn Calls Out Laurel Lee for Executing DeSantis’ Voter Entrapment Scheme

Cohn: Lee’s Abuse of Power Makes Her Unfit for Office

While state and national media outlets are now heavily scrutinizing the highly questionable arrests of 20 Florida residents by Governor Ron DeSantis’ Office of Elections Crimes and Security for alleged illegal voting, former Secretary of State and GOP Congressional candidate Laurel Lee’s participation in the scandal has remained under the radar despite her clear role in the entrapment scheme. Lee served as Florida’s top election official when unsolicited voter registration materials were mailed to the former felons and her office processed their registrations, essentially declaring them eligible to vote. The men were then arrested by the very same state government for simply exercising a right they had been told they had by the person in charge — Laurel Lee. Without Lee, DeSantis’ voter entrapment scheme could never have succeeded.

Alan Cohn, Democratic candidate for Congress in FL-15, is releasing the following statement calling out Laurel Lee for executing this blatant voter entrapment scheme:

“These men received voter registration forms in the mail without asking for them, and then Laurel Lee’s office processed their paperwork, gave them voter identification cards and told them they had the right to vote — but it was all a lie designed to put them back in prison to serve a political agenda. This is an abuse of power that Laurel Lee must answer for, because we cannot allow supposed public servants to trample our constitutional rights like this. If Laurel Lee is comfortable using the power of the state to target these men and ruin their lives just to serve an extreme political agenda, then she has no business serving in Congress and is fundamentally unfit for the office.”