Cohn Promises to Vote NO on National Abortion Ban, Calls Out Lee for Silence on Critical Issue

Leading GOP Senator Set to Introduce National Ban Bill

TAMPA BAY, FL - With one of the leading Republicans in the U.S. Senate poised to introduce a national abortion ban bill, Democrat Alan Cohn is reiterating his promise to vote no on any legislation that takes women’s health care decisions away from them and their doctors. Now, Cohn is also once again demanding that his GOP opponent Laurel Lee state her position on the national abortion ban bill and stop dodging this critical question.

Lee has consistently worked to hide her true position on abortion, even as it has risen in prominence since the Supreme Court decision striking down Roe v. Wade. She refused to comment when asked about her position just yesterday, and in past interviews Lee has called the issue a “hypothetical” and refused to provide clarity.

“The issue of protecting women’s rights and stopping a government takeover of their health care decisions is not a ‘hypothetical’ like Laurel Lee claims — it is a clear and present danger to our freedoms and to the health and wellbeing of millions of American women,” said Cohn. “Voters in District 15 deserve to know where Laurel Lee stands, but instead they have been met by silence and obfuscation over and over again. I’ll say it plainly: I would vote NO on this extreme Republican abortion ban, and if Laurel Lee has a shred of decency she’ll tell us how she would vote today.”