DEAD HEAT! New Poll Shows Alan Cohn in Statistical Tie with Laurel Lee in FL-15

Massive Support for Abortion Rights, Surging Democratic Registrations Spell Close Race

TAMPA BAY, FL - A new poll shows that the open seat in Florida’s newly created 15th Congressional District could be one of the most competitive races in the country. Democrat Alan Cohn and Republican Laurel Lee are in a statistical tie, with Lee holding a minor lead that is within the poll’s margin of error. Coming on the heels of surprise Democratic wins in the special elections in Alaska and in New York’s 19th District, the poll shows that Florida’s 15th could very well be the next big pickup opportunity for Democrats.

In the poll, which was conducted by respected polling firm GQR in late August on behalf of Cohn’s campaign, 61% of voters support abortion rights including 79% of independent voters. That puts pro-life Republican Lee far out of the district’s mainstream, and opens up a potent attack lane for Democrat Cohn.

“Laurel Lee is badly out of step with the values of our district, and the more people learn about her extreme positions on abortion rights and guns the more they will see that she can’t be allowed to represent us in Congres,” said Cohn, a former investigative journalist with a record of exposing corrpution and standing up for what’s right. “Just like Pat Ryan in New York and Mary Peltola in Alaska, our campaign is poised to shock the world and score a major victory for democracy and against the extreme MAGA agenda.”