TIME TO COME CLEAN: Where Does Laurel Lee Really Stand on Abortion?

GOP Candidate Refuses to Take a Position on DeSantis’ 15 Week Total Abortion Ban, Potential National Abortion Ban Bill

TAMPA BAY, FL - Republican congressional candidate Laurel Lee has been a little slippery when it comes to her stance on one of the most pressing issues facing our nation today — abortion rights. In a recent interview on WFLA News, Lee was pressed for her position on the issue. But instead of responding with clear answers, Lee carefully tiptoed around with bland platitudes and circular logic designed to prevent voters from learning where she really stands.

When asked if she supports the Supreme Court’s stunning decision overturning Roe v. Wade, Lee said she did, but also that abortion rights should be decided by the states themelves. Just minutes later though, when asked if she supports Gov. Ron DeSantis’ controversial 15 week total abortion ban, Lee demurred and said: “that is a question that I really believe belongs in the hands of our state legislature.”

“Laurel Lee wants to have it both ways, but Florida voters who are outraged by the Supreme Court trampling on our rights won’t let her off the hook so easily,” said Alan Cohn, Democratic candidate for Congress in FL-15. “It’s time for Laurel Lee to tell us where she really stands on the state abortion ban, which the majority of Floridians think goes too far and is an unconstitutional invasion of privacy that puts the government in charge of women’s health care decisions.”

In the same interview, Lee was asked if she would support legislation on the federal level to ban abortion and she once again refused to answer the question. But with Republicans in the House of Representatives already plotting to pass a national abortion ban, Floridians deserve to know where Lee stands.

“If Republicans take control of the House of Representatives in this election, the first item on their agenda will be a national abortion ban,” said Cohn. “If I have the honor of serving the 15th District in Congress I will proudly vote no on a Republican abortion ban bill, because I believe a woman’s health care decisions should be made by her and her doctor, not politicians in Washington. But where does Laurel Lee stand? It’s time for her to come clean — will she vote for a national abortion ban?”